Real men don’t hit women

I may not be 16 right now, but i just want to tell you if i am reading this after all the shit you have gone thru. Don’t kill yourself life is awesome, more awesome than a stupid hacker i may be one now, but you have bigger plans an MDA in music, being 13 sucks but it gets better after allison fayard leaves you alone. I may still be dealing with her, but we have to fight this and she will get under your skin, BUT DON’T HIT HER, real men don’t hit women, so don’t do anything you might regret. And remember you used to be and still will be the Tuba Sectional Leader where you might be. All im saying i may be 13 now, but go live life to it’s fullest, and keep control from Allison. You are the next bill gates, and you will teach those children at Gretna middle school.
Your 13 year old self


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