Not your fault the way the world turns

Dear Brandy,
I’m sorry for what happened to you as a child and I’m also sorry for what is happening to you as a teen, oneday u will feel the pain of the past,but forgive them,u was right ur family was like no family at all,but God will send u a spiritual family and listen to your God parents about this guy u dating,its drugs,abuse,and mental distress with him and go straight to college,u will get A’s and u will be a beautiful Woman of God,he’s going to reveal mysteries to you,that no one else will know until after you and wait to have sex when u married,u will appreciate it more,Its not your fault the way the world turns,stay away from negative people and I believe in you,and I think your ideas,goals are great ,you can do it by yourself,just do it Brandy…Get on birthcontrol too,I think u might be pregnant,dont listen to your mom,let godmother raise ur son,while u go to college,do what u scared to do…succede!


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