Keep that attitude!

Dear Hailey,
   This is a little letter from yourself. I’m(we’re) still 16, but so far this has been a huge experience in your life. You’ve already met one of your biggest inspirations in your life and she knows you exist! Not only did you meet Cassandra Peterson but she recognized YOU when you walked up. Cher has tweeted you multiple times and so has Kathy Griffin! Maybe everyone thinks you’re a little nuts for being celeb-obsessed but it pays off! Infact, if it wasn’t for your deep admiration for people like Cassandra(A.K.A. Elvira), Cher, Barbra Streisand, Kathy Griffin and Audrey Hepburn, your current goals and passions wouldn’t be instilled within you now like they are! So just ignore all those rude comments like you’ve been doing and don’t be insecure! Be proud!

As for aspirations, that goal of becoming a singer and actress? Please don’t give up! I know you’ve only done theatre so far but you’ve started to get some real connections and I would really like to see that turn into a lot more. I know sometimes you have doubts but just remember within a week or so you end up forgetting and become stubborn about making it somewhere again. You know how you always say “I WILL become famous” instead of “IF I become famous?” Keep that attitude! Use that stubborn Capricorn trait to your advantage!!

   I know school has been a lot more unbearable lately. You don’t have any classes or lunch with your bestfriend, a lot of the nice seniors you knew last year already graduated and it seems you have this one Chemistry teacher that hates you. Your mom has been advising you to switch out of that Chemistry class.. I don’t know if you can do that but just rough it out is what I say. A little bit harder work can only make you stronger. You stopped taking all those advanced classes because you thought you’d be missing a lot of school for auditions in L.A. I know you haven’t been getting out to many, but it wasn’t a waste! You still have half a school year to get your butt to work before it’s considered a “waste,” besides, you’re probably going to transfer from a community college anyway, so you don’t even need to kill yourself with those ridiculous classes! Just relax a little! You’ve always been too worried about being the smartest or having a 4.0. You only have one more year of highschool after this year anyway.

Honestly, I wish I could tell you some amazing stuff is about to happen but it hasn’t been long and I have no idea what is going to await you… Well, I have a small idea, but I haven’t witnessed it myself. So I guess we’ll just have to trudge through it together and hope for the best!


Hailey Hayes

P.S. Don’t beat yourself up for not going to see Cassandra Peterson this last weekend at that winery. You just saw her last month at Comikaze and it’s not like you could have even tasted the wine anyway!

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