Feel nothing else in life could destroy

Dear me,
Just remember that life is a fucking wreck and no matter what we do we will always have to deal with the past and the future. People will always tell you to look ahead, be responsible. Well guess what? Fuck them!! Don’t listen to them because this is your life and you should be able to choose how you want to live it not anyone else. Also, friends… I used to think I would only have that one best friend with me and we would live through all the shit life threw at us… but she turned out to be a bitch and she sort of.. oh I don’t know.. made me feel worthless? Yeah, trust no one. Always keep as many people as possible as you can close but don’t trust anyone.. because in the end we are all going to to get hurt.. but what’s worse is sometimes you get hurt by that one person you thought would NEVER hurt you. If you find someone that might end up being your best friend forever… well I guess you just got lucky. Lastly love. OK, not trying to sound like a freaking optimist but it SUCKS! Just like all those retarded cheesy quotes say… love can hurt. Hurt so much it can affect a person in a way nothing else ever can. So you watch out for that crazy little shit of an emotion. Just as Edgar Allan Poe had quoted, “We loved with a love that was more than love.” If you could make this quote possible, I honestly feel nothing else in life could destroy because you could always have that feeling to go back to, to make yourself feel better when times get ruff. Do what you want, do what you need and do it with the confidence of freedom. Even if people say you can’t, just ignore those bitches, hold you head up high and find a way to make it possible because when you look back, you don’t want to look back at the past you want to forget.

Love, Mel <3 ;) age 13 and 11 months.


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