Watching TV and i got Facebook

Dear 16 Year Old Self,
There were times we didnt know what to do, but never the less we stuck to it like glue, there were times we didnt know who we were, where we were going in life. Times we thought about being mature but switched to the child inside of us, believe me when i tell you this it wasn’t easy these past few years, we ran into more problems then i ever thought possible. We moved from Hampton to Flemington and from there to Tennessee temporarily, at this moment on November 30, 2011 we or i am trying to get back to New Jersey to stay with Duane. We had alot of Hospital visits. All just our mind going nuts. A Smoking and Drinking incident on February 13 or 14th had us go buzzard. We stuck to although we ended up having some bad Depression and Anxiety. Never the less we are OK just have some problems here and there. Theres gonna be alot of people trying to put you down and keep you down but the trick is dont listen to them. You have your own mind and theres nothing on this earth that can change that. From now until the day we die we are our own person, and we have our own opinions our own thoughts, feeling, everything that makes us, us. Well im watching TV and i got Facebook Notifications so ill end this here and maybe write another one later lol.

Later Mini Me :P – 19 Year Old William Briard.


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