The joys of growing older

Dear AM:
Don’t worry this time will pass.  You will find a sense of belonging and confidence you never knew existed.  You will no longer wander through life seeking a place, acceptance and belonging you will find it within yourself.  It will take some time and some trials but you will get there.  You have always known there is more out there for you than just this small town mentality.  You will experience university and it will open your eyes to so many other possibilities and like-minded people.  You will spend 4 years of your life working in a psychiatric facility which will teach you more about life and the pain and suffering of those individuals dealing with mental health issues.  It will serve you well in your future endeavors as you will develop such empathy and understanding about other people’s hidden struggles.  A wonderful man will enter your life.  A true partner who brings out the best in you!  A man who supports you through thick and thin and who helps you to grow and develop in ways you never thought possible.  You never thought you could love another person more until your first son comes into your life.  You will experience great joy, coupled by fear and an overwhelming sense of responsibility for this new life.  A few years later you will fall in love all over again with a second son.  One who sets your world spinning right from the first breath.  You thought you were just getting the hang of this parenting thing only to find yourself tested in ways you never thought possible.  This too shall pass and you will find yourself closer to home again living in the same community you struggled to grow up in but this time you return with confidence and resolve.  You are the one making a difference in the lives of kids and parents in your community.  You are the one helping those young girls find their way in this tricky world.  You are the one parents and kids look to for guidance and support and you will use your experiences and genuine honesty to help in ways you never thought possible.  You will feel most proud of your accomplishments as a mother….not really what you expected but more satisfying than you ever thought possible.  You are still on your journey and hope that you can parent confidently through these teenage years into a future filled with the joys of growing older with your partner and life as a mother-in-law and hopefully grandmother.



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