I wish you didn’t fear failing

Dear 16 year old me,

What an amazing day your 16 year birthday has been, you spent the day walking over 16 hours (fifty miles) with an organised group through high school. And guess what you made it no matter how hard this challenge was you overcame it and finished. You have proved how strong you are. You are quite insecure for school has not come easy and you have had parts of your self esteem crushed by not having the same marks as your class mates no matter the effort you put in. You will spend the next year giving year 12 exams everything as you fear failing, I wish you didn’t fear failing as you are much smarter than you let yoursself think. Your impulsive and hyperactive character leads you to the creative world as study at University.

You will seek out romantic partners that are similar to you (that you think are similar) and that perhaps have common interests. Please don’t let them act like they are better than you as they are not and you deserve to be treated with respect. Your first relationship will almost destroy you, but the mountain you climb from this will take you to one very succesful person and a wise respected individual. you try to see the good in everybody and always want to help others especially your romantic partners.

You are emotional as your heart tends to act before your head. You become smarter at what you fall for as time goes on. You are gorgeous, I love you and I am so proud of you for listenning  to your intuitive self.

PS aim to develop a better relationship with your mother as she is always going to be there for you. She will care when you think no one else does so don’t take out your anger on her.

The adult in you…


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