Just chill your beans

Just chill your beans. Every single one. Take it easy. You made it out of hell alive, and you’re about to ride another rollercoaster that will turn you into someone new, but something you know you want to be. You’ve made some awesome decisions, and you will continue to do so. You’ll learn from those decisions, and from the ones you mess up too. Messing up is part of becoming who you’re meant to be. “Messing up is what it means to be human” Remember those words, they will stay with you. Never look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re nothing but perfect just the way you are. You’ll come to terms with that fact, you’ll find your way and you’ll learn how to love yourself and how to be loved, and that’s the greatest gift you can ask for. The journey you’re on is just a path to a happier, clearer place in your head and christ on a bike! It is so good to be here. But you gotta wade through the pig swill first. Always follow what your heart tells you, even if everyone else stands against you. Remember the poster on Madame Mardell’s wall? “Stand up for what you believe – even if you’re the only one standing” So don’t silence your beliefs for the sake of a quiet life – continue to stand up and shout about the things that matter most. Your voice deserves to be heard and it will be heard. Keep shouting. Sophie, you are inspiring, you are smart, you are funny and witty and you have such a wonderful look on life. Never lose that focus, never lose that drive. It will define you in ways you never even thought possible! People can come and go in your life, and they will – even those closest to you can turn at the snap of your fingers – but you will always be there to pull yourself out of the black hole you know and hate. Keep yanking yourself back up there, back up to the surface. It’ll be worth it in the end to look back and see you’re clear of the pig swill and rubbish and junk and nonsense. Enjoy the time you have, make the most of it, make the mistakes and learn from them and move forward with the life you know will just turn to gold because you wished it so. You can do anything you put your mind to. Mum and Dad were right. Have faith in yourself, because if you do – the world is your oyster. Love, Sophie. xxx


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