Realise how gifted you are

Dear Sarah
I am writing to you from the future – your future. Now I am 47 and I want to tell you a couple of things that you might find useful.
Firstly – believe in yourself. You don’t realise how gifted you are right now. I know you think you are an ugly duckling and that everyone else is better than you, but you are not and neither are they.
Be strong. You can do anything you want in life. Right now you are young, beautiful and the world is at your feet.
Talk to people. There will be times when you are afraid. Don’t just give up on things – find someone to talk to, to ask help of.
Stay honest and true – it is one of your best qualities and a quality of which to be proud.
When you get to the age of 47 you will wish you had had the same confidence when you were 16, but by the time you get to 47 your opportunities will have narrowed.Seize the day!!!! Do it now!!!!! Do everything you can!!! Study and party, protest and support!!!
The life ahead of you is one of wonder and love, but it has its ups and downs – that’s normal. Do what you know is right and follow your heart.
And remember – you are loved and special and you can make a difference.
Oh … and you are NOT FAT you silly girl!!!!


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