Don’t spend so much time at church

Dear Anthea

I was just looking at a photo of you at 16 — you were having a good time and looked happy.  I haven’t got too much advice for you, because you are going to have a pretty interesting and rewarding life. You’re doing basically the right things, you have great parents and good friends, some of whom will still be your friends when you are 60. As you get older you will be very glad you adopted the views you already have on tobacco and mind-altering substances.

Just one or two things you might like to change….

** You will save yourself some money and suffering if you discover dental tape (was it around in 1967?) and teeth straightening NOW. Go back to the orthodontist.


** Your father is right: you could be a better swimmer (and you will be): learn crawl this year and be braver in the water.

** Get some decent boots and join the YHA.

** You know you enjoy acting: join a drama group (and accept that it may always be comic roles).

** Dance and sing more: discover folk music — the 60 year old Anthea still wishes she had done this.

** Don’t spend so much time at church.




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