Don’t cut the link

Dear me,
How are doing motherfucker ?? It’s been a long time since this morning of the 11th November 2011. Well, I hope you finally found what you’re looking for ..I know I know you don’t even know it yet but it’ll come!!
At this moment , all you’re thinking of is hang out , smoke somthin drink somthin’, fuck somthin’ as skizzy mars would say !! It was nice to have what you had : peace of mind and some fucked up friends yeeahh! If you dont see them anymore well pick up the fucking phone or whatever you have reached in technologie to find them …don’t cut the link with them !!
Finally, more important ..really really really important don’t turn up to be like all the slaves you hate right now do what you wanna do and if you don’t reach it try again life’s short don’t waste any minute in something you don’t love …seriously i hope you have traveled a lot and discovered finally what you really want! if not move your ass and find something.
Peace on you homie, I know you’ll find your way :)


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