Spend New Years Eve 2010 somewhere else

Hi man,
It’s only been six years, since we met last, but man what six years they were! You boy are going to go through a lot of pain and emotions. Well, mostly painful emotions, mixed with some good moments. I know, you’re probably sitting in front a computer right now playing sick, to not to go to school, just so you can finish Fallout 2. Let me tell you something. You’re not missing anything at school. I know you have a dream of becoming an engineer to please your dad, or a dentist to please your mom. You’re forgetting about something important, you’re not pleasing yourself! Just do what you like, stop listening to your brother. Remember he told you to screw yourself on the phone? And mom told YOU to apologize to him? Well, you shouldn’t have to. It was entirely his fault. Marc, remember something in life (it will make it much easier to live), never listen to anyone, but yourself! People tend to “sculpture” you the way THEY want to see you… I know you want to go to a 3D academy and learn about animation, you won’t go there, reason you’re weak and tend to please. I am angry at you for that… Listen dude! You love it, you want it, you feel it… GO FOR IT! You will never have the same opportunity later in life… In year and a half you are going to move from parents place, due they are divorcing, you’re going to gain a LOT of weight, which you’re going to struggle with for a long time. You’re gonna move back home, because you’ll feel lonely, to your mother’s place, without your own room and no privacy. Your world is going to consist of beer, chips and parties… those are gonna be the bright moments. Don’t worry though. You will get back up! You will start learning biology and anatomy, and learn about your body, which will help you to shed off 60 lbs in three month. Marc you’re gonna get buff, and finally you will get the attention you wanted. You will finish high school and start learning russian culture. I know, it sounds easy because you’re native speaker. Trust me it’s not. The amazing thing that will come out of it will be her. She will blow your mind! And yes you will get together and move away from your mom. So here is the deal… Listen to me! When that happens. STOP LISTENING TO YOUR FAMILY!!! Please I beg you! Just forget about them, be yourself, and you will get so much more out of life! You can’t even imagine how cool everything will turn out to be, if you just could be yourself. I know it’s easier to be a people pleaser, but I know what I’m talking about.
Sincerely your future you,

P.S. When it comes to it, Spend New Years Eve 2010 somewhere else.


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