I’ll just say good luck

Dear Me,
I write this from 2011. Now, I know you’re not exactly mathematically confident but even you will know that this means I am 21…that you are 21. Yes, you got there. It seemed like such a long time away but believe me the years have flown.Now, I think it’s best if we begin this letter from the day of our 16th birthday. Quiet little affair, wasn’t it? None of this going out partying with friends. That’s because you don’t technically have friends, not yet. Come this time in a year, you and some of the most treasured people in your life will be celebrating the day. Actually, you’ll meet these people pretty soon, in a few months really. Be patient, they’re worth the wait. You’ll also meet your first proper boyfriend in a few months. YES! You will have a boyfriend. I can hear you contradicting me through the years but I speak the truth. He will show you you’re actually not as bad as you think you are. He will become one of your better friends even when you two break up. Don’t worry, he didn’t cheat or anything, it was a mutual choice.
I would truly love to tell you that these last few years of your teenage life are going to be amazingly brilliant…but they won’t be. Death sees to that. Prepare yourself for it, embrace the fact that it’s only the next step in the adventure. Death must come to us all. It will follow you and your family for the next few years. I won’t deny it, it will be tough. Losing loved ones is never easy. But that is all I will say on that matter, it’s better you just get a heads up.
Now, if I do recall correctly, you think you’re a bit of an oddball. Yes? Expecting me to say you’re not? Nope, not gonna happen. You are actually odd. Quirky even. That feeling of never fitting in hasn’t gone away yet I’m afraid but it’s okay, your college friends are odd too. :)
Yeah, you made it to college. Second time around anyway. First time, you were smart enough to know when you weren’t happy and I am still proud of you for being able to call it quits and face the disappointment with a head held high. Very well done, my dear. You make a brilliant scientist, if I do say so myself, keep up the good work! And I mean that, work hard in your senior years. It’ll make all the difference.
Be happy with who you are! You’re odd, yeah, but that is good. People will love you for your total disregard for peer pressure and unintentional lack of conformity. Don’t feel ashamed for finding a thrill in looking at the skies are the stars and feeling attached to them. It’s your passion, so stick with it. Daddy will be your stargazing partner and those long nights looking out for falling stars, looking through the telescope at the moon, keeping an eye out for the passing of the International Space Station (this will have deep significance to you when you’re 19/20) will be some of your dearest, most wonderful memories. Make sure you take time to do this with him. You both have a mad passion for space. He is one of the few who is like you…
In parting my dear, weird, nerdy (yeah you’re a nerd/ geek. Get used to it, you can’t escape it) Me I will say just this:
Stop worrying, trust people and stop trying to control everything.
There are things you can’t control so just grin and bear it. In the greater scheme we are but little dots on a small blue planet- I say this because I know you’ll feel the deep meaning of it. Keep thinking as deeply as you do. It makes you what you are.
I won’t say I love you (that’s too soppy for us both) I’ll just say Good Luck.


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