view yourself as you view others

Hello there, 16 year old me!

I expect that part way through this letter you would’ve crumpled this up, declaring it utter rubbish and hurling it in the nearest (recycling) bin. That part hasn’t changed- being “green”- but so many other things have. And, I’m sorry to tell you, but you were right, that side fringe idea WAS terrible, but hair-wise things get much better! Continue reading

Your big heart will get bigger

Dear Sal,

Hey there young lass. How you been? Life’s pretty breezy right now I see. You’re probably thinking about how easy and good you’ve got it right now. And you wanna know something awesome? It gets even better. Now hang on a second, take a chill pill as you would probably say. Don’t get too relaxed or cocky cause it won’t be easy. There are plenty of hiccups, big and small along the way. Continue reading

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Dear Andy

Please read this and think hard, i wish someone wrote this to me.Firstly, you are a mirror image of your father, he is not so bad after all, he is looking out for you. do not ignore him and give him such a hard time. You will not have him for much longer. Secondly, there is never a more true saying than a fool and his money are soon parted, Continue reading

Be you, Or be just another cow,

Dear Manish,

Hey what’s happening kid? If you’re reading this it means you just turned 16 so happy birthday dude. And since I’m you, I know that you will be continuing our tradition of disappearing to some random beach and just lying there all day, so just watch out for the crazy homeless guy who will chase you down the beach because you looked at his can funny. Continue reading

This body felt like a shell







Dear 16 Year Old Self…

Remember the day when your best friend’s dad called you ‘Thunder Thighs’? Of course you do. It was summer, you were 12 and wearing shorts. For zas long as I can remember our body has always felt like a shell that didn’t belong to us. Read More



Love Fiercely and Make No Apologies

Dear Tare,

I don’t really know what to tell you. Maybe that’s because we’re not so far removed from each other, you and I. At twenty years, I’m still just as directionless as you are now. I’m still scared shitless about the future, probably more so now that the dreaded “Real World” is just around the corner. It seems that four years’ time will not have cured you of these worries. Continue reading

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