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By Charles R. Shrader

Utilizing lately published French authentic records and quite a few different resources, this examine explains how the French military, so lately defeated by means of the Viet Minh insurgents in Indochina, was once in a position to effectively defeat the Algerian nationalist rebels at the battlefield, whereas however wasting the warfare on the convention desk. This French good fortune, among 1954 and 1962, was once due largely to some of the best logistical process of the French military and using the helicopter to augment French operational mobility. French counter-mobility measures, relatively the development of seriously defended interdiction zones at the jap and western borders of Algeria, proved powerful opposed to the rebels. Such tools primarily bring to an end the insurgent forces from their bases and from assets of offer situated outdoors Algeria, and accordingly strangled and destroyed the insurgent forces inside Algeria.No different paintings at the Algerian warfare focuses upon the function of logistics within the consequence of the clash. The targeted statistical info and finished description and research of the logistical organisations and techniques of either the French and the nationalist rebels are supplemented through very good maps. This research additionally offers necessary insights into the character of the wars of nationwide liberation and counter-insurgency doctrines that ruled army affairs within the mid-20th century.

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The most important factors affecting health and sanitation in Algeria in the 1950s were malnutrition, a generally insufficient water supply, overcrowded living conditions, inadequate education in personal hygiene and public health, indigenous custom and superstition, and a lack of adequate health care services in many regions. In particular, the absence of an adequate water supply in much of Algeria greatly magnified such health problems as trachoma and diseases resulting from poor personal hygiene and unsanitary practices.

At the end of 1957 the CTSTSA was reorganized into two zones: the Western Sahara (Zone Ouest Saharien; ZOS), with three sectors (Mecheria, Colomb-Bechar, and Palmeraies), and the Eastern Sahara (Zone Est Saharien; ZES), with four sectors (Touggourt, El Oued, Ouargla, and Fort Flatters), plus the autonomous sector of Laghouat. In 1958 the CTSTSA became the Military Command of the Departments of the Sahara and the Oases (Commandement Militaire des Departements de la Saoura et des Oasis; CMDSO), and the sectors were reorganized as two departments (Saoura and des Oasis).

French control of Algerian industry and commerce also conveyed a special advantage by denying, or at least restricting, rebel access to those goods and services available on the commercial market. Effective French control of transportation facilities of all types throughout the 1954-1962 war also constituted a significant advantage over the rebels. Air 24 The First Helicopter War transport in particular, extremely important in a country as large as Algeria, was a benefit from which the rebels were almost totally excluded.

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