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By William Young

Over six many years after the polemical Sacco and Vanzetti case, during which the 2 anarchist Italian immigrants have been convicted of first-degree homicide and done by means of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, younger and Kaiser revisit the case's proof in addition to the main actors who decided its final result. The authors situate their meticulous reexamination of the courtroom proof and prosecuting and safeguard arguments in the long-standing dispute among political leftists and conservatives in regards to the integrity of the conviction, edifying the left's accusations of anti-Italianism and anti-anarchism. Their research magnifies either the chance of contrived proof and the fallibility of our legal justice system's impartiality, pointing to special questions in regards to the nature of a good trial and the impression of prejudice and politics in juridical methods. As such, Postmortem features as a close advent to the notorious 1921 Sacco and Vanzetti trial in addition to a meditation on enduring dilemmas of the yankee judicial department.

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Speaking to a large group of newly naturalized citizens, he delivered a ringing address on the rights and duties of American citizens. At one point he commented on new dangers to American values. Of late a new propaganda has come into our midst. It is the propaganda of force, of might and revolution, and it is prescribed as a remedy for what? For order, for obedience to law and the protection of human life. Think what that means. Oh, how unfortunate that any such a doctrine, so destructive in its character and so revolutionary in all its tendencies should ever have reached the sacred shores of these United States where the spirit of liberty and opportunity and where the freedom of person, of property and of contract are unequalled anywhere in the world.

Almost eighteen months before American entry into the war, in a December 1915 State of the Union address that called for increased preparedness, Wilson had discussed the problem of domestic disloyalty in no uncertain terms. I am sorry to have to say that the gravest threats against our national peace and safety have been uttered within our own borders. There are citizens of the United States, I blush to admit, born under other flags but welcomed under our generous naturalization laws to the full freedom of opportunity of America, who have poured the poison of disloyalty into the very arteries of our national life; who have sought to bring the authority and good name of our Government into contempt, to destroy our industries wherever they thought it effective for their vindictive purposes to strike at them, and to debase our politics to the uses of foreign intrigue.

The Chief said the population of Bridgewater is about 7000 persons, one third of whom are foreigners, such as Poles, Russians, Greeks, Italians, Armenians and French. He said that there are a lot of Reds and Bolshevists about town. " On 30 December an informant told the Pinkertons that he had heard the crime was the work of a gang of Italian anarchists living in Quincy who had hidden the bandit car in a shack near Bridgewater, but attempts to find such a gang or such a shack did not turn up anything.

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