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By Thomas König, Simon Hug

This new volume offers a wealth of fresh facts documenting and examining the various positions taken via governments within the improvement of the ecu structure. It examines how such decisions have big results at the sovereignty of state states and at the lives of electorate, autonomous of the ratification of a structure. Few efforts were made to record structure development in a scientific and comparative demeanour, together with the several steps and phases of this technique. This publication examines eu Constitution-building by way of tracing the two-level coverage formation procedure from the draft inspiration of the eu conference till the Intergovernmental convention, which ultimately followed the record at the structure in June 2004. Following a decent comparative framework, it sheds gentle on reactions to the proposed structure within the household enviornment of the entire actors concerned. It incorporates a bankruptcy on all the unique ten member states and the fifteen accession states, plus key chapters at the ecu fee and ecu Parliament. This publication should be of robust curiosity to students and researchers of eu Union politics, comparative politics, and policy-making.

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This list includes highly controversial institutional reform issues, such as the rules for the Council presidency, the size and election of the Commission, the voting procedure among member states, and the balance of power between the EU institutions. It also proposes the modification of the system of overlapping treaties, referring for the first time to a fully fledged constitution. The Convention began its deliberation in February 2002 and submitted a draft constitutional treaty in June 2003. During the first phase, which has been called the listening phase by the Convention’s president, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, the delegates presented their views about the future of the EU.

In case of any missing value, the indication of the second most competent expert has been used, etc. Since we asked only for relevant domestic actors deviating from the national position, we could replace the non-indication of an actor with the respective national position. 4 percent. Finally, we completed the data set by adding information on the alternative proposed by the draft constitution, the location of the status quo according to the Nice Treaty and – at a later stage – the outcome6 of the summit agreed in June 2004.

Statements were made by the American administration implying that France and Germany are the “old Europe,” implying that the “new Europe” (Poland and Spain, both American allies in the Iraqi war) have moral justification to block the other EU countries. But Poland and Spain were not able to turn back the clock to Nice for a long time. The IGC in Brussels abandoned the weighted voting scheme of Nice but at the price of adopting a decision-making scheme that is located exactly in the middle between Nice and the Convention.

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