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By Kiichiro Itsumi

Pindar is without doubt one of the maximum Greek poets, yet whereas the metre of 1/2 his poems is straightforward to understand, that of the opposite part has up to now remained imprecise. Kiichiro Itsumi provides a brand new account in their metre. He separates the metre into varieties and identifies a chain of distinct entities from which the verses are made, during this means implementing a brand new readability and self-discipline on what had formerly appeared a far vaguer method. Itsumi's analyses of person poems comprise a dialogue of stanzaic constitution, of textual difficulties, and of specific strains within the stanza and their exploitation in the textual content. those analyses may be a useful source for critical students of Pindar.

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By (b), when three positions, of which the middle one is long, appear between two —ww—, if (i) either of the outer two is evidently anceps (x—w or w—x), phrase-boundary is set immediately before 30 The phrase occurs only at the beginning of verse, and is analysed as ^ eþe. 18 Introduction the anceps; if (ii) both the outer two positions are short and it is not possible to decide which is anceps, phrase-boundary is set immediately before the second short. (i) O9s3, 8r —a—ww—w— j u—ww— —k gl reiz I7s5a, 6r — — —ww—w— j — —ww—w— j u—w—ww—j gl tel hepta gl reiz (ii) N4s4, 12r —w—ww—w— j w—ww— —k In the eighteen majors there is no example of .

Ww—w— j u—ww— . . and . . —ww— j u—w—ww— . . is natural, and no problem. In the case of . . —ww—w—w—ww— . . the choice between two possible positions is, in a sense, a matter of taste. I prefer . . —ww—w— j w—ww— . . to . . —ww— j w—w—ww— . . 31 Thus, N4s4 (above) is analysed as glþreiz, not as —w—ww— j w—w—ww— —k rdod heptaþ1 Rule 7. In spite of Rules 5 and 6, when the phrase after the anceps is very short (—ww— or —w—), anceps is treated as a link, in the manner of D/e. 31 Actually the sequence .

47 Rather, one of the two examples functions as prolonged dodrans (dodþ1): O1e7 w— —w— —ww—w— —ww—w— —k ^e e dod ar A more important diVerence lies in the implication: if (i) is accepted, it means that w— —ww— is a correlative form of —w—ww— or www—ww— and even that responsion between them is theoretically possible. There are 5 cases of w— —ww—, which do not correspond with other forms, in the eighteen majors (O1e2, P2e6, P5e5, P10s2b, P10s4). e. a freer D/e phrase); For acephale in general, see further 6, B and for the ambiguity between aeolic full base w— and ^ e, see 7, (4).

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