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However, the pdfminer3k project clearly states that pdfminer3k is a Python 3 port of pdfminer. While the software may have been upgraded, some of the documentation still needs work. 6. The lex and yacc summary may not be too helpful for most of the agents. These terms refer to the two classic programs that are widely used to create the tools that support software development. [ 27 ] New Missions – New Tools Sidebar on the ply package When we work with the Python language, we rarely give much thought on how the Python program actually works.

If none of the elif clauses are true, the indented suite of statements in the else clause is executed. [ 15 ] New Missions – New Tools Remember that the and operator has a short-circuit capability. The first expression may involve as little as evaluating n % 3 == 0. If this subexpression is False, the entire and expression must be False; this means that the entire if clause is not executed. Otherwise, the entire expression must be evaluated. Notice that Python changes the prompt from >>> at the start of a compound statement to … to show that more of the statement can be entered.

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