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By Carl Gillett, Barry Loewer

Physicalism is the philosophical view that every thing within the space-time global is eventually actual. This choice of new essays bargains a chain of "state-of-the-art" views in this very important doctrine and brings new intensity and breadth to the philosophical debate. a bunch of unique philosophers, comprising either physicalists and their critics, examine a variety of matters together with the ancient genesis and current justification of physicalism, its metaphysical presuppositions and methodological position, its implications for psychological causation, and the account it offers of cognizance.

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P) allows for depends on the nature of properties, etcetera. Let me begin with what is sometimes called an “abundant” conception of properties.

This account took the macroscopic kinetic energy that was apparently lost to be converted into internal kinetic energy at the microscopic level (cf. Leibniz’s explana- The Rise of Physicalism 35 tion for the apparent loss of kinetic energy in inelastic impact mentioned in note 9). But the abstract point at issue did not demand acceptance of the kinetic theory, because the lost kinetic energy could alternatively be viewed as being stored in the ‘tensions’ of whatever force might be associated with heat.

7 But if considerations about the nature of necessity do not rule this possibility out then we must admit that (P) is not quite sufficient for physicalism. However, it seems to me that if we had good reason to believe (P), then, unless we also had some reason to believe that despite (P) mental facts (or some other kind of facts) do not hold in virtue of physical facts, we have good reason to accept physicalism. In any case, even if (P) is not quite physicalism it is close enough to be an interesting claim.

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