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By Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann

The examine gains the 5 most vital and such a lot efficacious topics of Western spirituality of their historic historic origins and of their unfolding as much as early modernity: Divine names, Microkosmos-Makrokosmos, theories of production, the assumption of religious areas, and the innovations of eschatological history.

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He continues: “This is also found in a wonderful and magnificent book named Amphitheatrum sapientiae divinae which was written by an excellent philosopher and natural sage” (p. 52 v). The book “Amphitheatrum sapientae aeternae” appeared in Hamburg 1595; its author is Johann Kunrath. 3. Johannes Arndt’s Theology of Emblems 25 holy inscriptions. 37 Nature itself delivers the hermeneutics of its secrets to those who are able to read with pious imagination. The signatures of created things can be deciphered by a believing imagination: “And therefore the images of nature are God’s letters, with which he explained thoroughly to those who are able to read this miraculous divine scripture, and in these letters, within one hour, more wisdom can be drawn than many extensive and unfounded heathen books contain.

Fol. 1-27. See the catalogue: Gilly, Carlos: Cimelia Rhodostauratica. 15. On the relationship between Kunrath, Arndt and the Paracelsian movement, see Neumann, Hans Peter: Natura sagax – Die geistige Natur. Zum Zusammenhang von Naturphilosophie und Mystik in der Frühen Neuzeit am Beispiel Johann Arndts. Diss. phil. Berlin (Freie Universität) 2002. 2 OUTLINES OF PERENNIAL PHILOSOPHY 1. ELEMENTS OF PERENNIAL PHILOSOPHY Perennial philosophy holds a benevolent view of the creation as a world of divine signs.

Cusa shows how, in the imagination, the signs and their arrangement indicate the truth. The truth of things thus does not rely on their sensual simplicity, but on their meaning as divine creations. As signs, the created beings show the meaning of the world as a temporal process of beginning and fulfilment. Creation has given them their character as signs. This truth is remembered and acknowledged. It is remembered as the outward signs show the becoming and decaying of life, and it is acknowledged as contemplation shows that human beings are contingent and that only the creator God is necessary.

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