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The global of Golarion is filled with historic mysteries, hidden lore, and untapped psychic powers simply ready to be stumbled on. Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: Occult geographical regions deals every thing you want to discover occult subject matters on your video games, together with new ideas, exact destinations, and preternatural inspirations to deliver occult campaigns of any point to existence. inside of this publication, you are going to find:

• principles recommendations for every of the six occult periods awarded in Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures, together with mythical spirits that expert mediums can channel, Thassilonian phantoms tied to the seven sins for depraved spiritualists, and psi-tech discoveries and the mindtech self-discipline for specialised psychics.
• Six destinations ripe for exploration in occult campaigns, together with a temple the place astronomers from misplaced Lirgen nonetheless secretly toil, a school of psychic magic at the utopian island of Hermea, and the country of Zi Ha in Tian Xia, the place the samsaran citizens stay numerous lives via reincarnation.
• part a dozen areas of occult import past Golarion, together with the fort of the Black on Aucturn, the sea of Mists on Castrovel, and the Temple of Desna's First Dream within the size of Dreams.
• 9 occult rituals tied to such iconic enterprises because the fake priesthood of Razmir and the purple Mantis assassins, permitting characters to accomplish lichdom or briefly remodel right into a half-fiend.
• principles for developing mystical idols that develop in strength as their cult followings extend, plus mysterious pattern idols.

Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: Occult nation-states is an ideal spouse for Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures, and is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, yet can simply be utilized in any delusion video game atmosphere.

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In truth, their day-to-day lives are an illusion: they are within Master Mindap’s mindscape, being subjected to the final test for admission to the Conservatory. A captured dream naga (Occult Bestiary 35) has taken the opportunity to reach out to them and attempt to convince them to free her. Whether they attempt to find her within the dreamscape, manage to break free, or search for her after they complete the test, the Conservatory’s masters are unlikely to let the attempt pass without challenge—and the naga may not be the innocent victim she claims to be.

The people of Whispertruth are very careful not to let anyone know the town’s location until they are certain the newcomers can be trusted, utilizing blindfolds to keep their charges guessing and putting them through rounds of serious questioning. Unbeknownst to its residents, Razmir has managed to discover Whispertruth’s existence anyway, and the Living God uses potent magic to keep an eye on things. Fineona Laygas (NG female human psychicOA 7) is the nominal leader of the community, and she is assisted by Kilswalloh Fwen (NG male human ranger 6) and Glimma Yon (CG female halfling mesmeristOA 5), who are responsible for security and interrogations, respectively.

Inner Sea region. The small band has told no one After the annihilation of Aerduin, it about the cave, not even Whispertruth’s became clear to the few who dared venture leaders; to them, the group’s excursions into the region that dangerous occult forces into the woods are mere hunting trips, had arisen in these ash-covered ruins. or so the band claims. Whispertruth’s Psychics who traversed the city’s ruins leadership has not paid much heed reported the existence of strong fonts of to the rebels’ activities thanks to power, particularly along the charred Duinsol’s measured discretion.

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