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By Joseph Lanzara

Quickly TO turn into an immense movie! John Milton's enormous epic of warring angels, devil, Heaven, Hell, and the final word tragic love tale of Adam and Eve. learn this largely acclaimed novel tailored from Milton's poem. Then pass see the motion picture of the last decade!

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outstanding allies have emerged to assist the embattled ruler in a fight he needs to win: Cefwyn's younger sons. Aewyn Marhanen is the prince destined to rule. Aewyn's half-brother, Elfwyn Aswydd—the bastard son of the king and the sorceress Tarien Aswydd—has spent years ignorant of his parentage, but now it's his time to emerge and declare the talented birthright he's been denied for thus lengthy.

yet a depressing, sinister magic has crept on the subject of the younger guy and seized carry of the dominion. not anything is because it turns out, because the bonds of kinfolk pressure opposed to the strong forces that might see them undone—and the conflict is joined to unmask and damage the malevolence that threatens to unhinge the king's peaceable and fragile reign.

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