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By Cormac O'Brien

Outnumbered yet no longer Outmatched.   How did Hannibal’s 55,000 Carthaginians flip the tables on an 80,000-strong strength of the traditional world’s most productive army computer, the Roman military? What allowed 6,000 Englishmen to beat 30,000 French at Agincourt in 1415? Which mistakes in judgment doomed a Russian military two times as huge as its opposing German strength on the conflict of Tannenberg in the course of global conflict I? writer Cormac O’Brien’s strong and brilliant recreations of history’s such a lot mind-blowing army victories light up the crafty innovations, mystery guns, fateful judgements, and alterations of fortune that grew to become the tide of conflict within the so much notable and unanticipated methods: the dicy Greek ruse that trapped the Persian Fleet at Salamis in 480 BCE; the storm from snow that helped a Swedish strength ruin a Russian military 4 instances its measurement on the conflict of Narva in 1700; the newly brought firearm that enabled a hundred and fifty British squaddies to carry off an attacking horde of 4,000 Zulus at Rorke’s flow, Africa, in 1879. Even a commander as fearless, confident, and battle-hardened as Alexander the nice, best 40,000 Macedonian troops, should have quailed on the sight that met him as he neared the village of Issus, Asia Minor, in 333 BCE: an suddenly and unimaginably great Persian strength of a few 100,000 males, spanning the Mediterranean coastal undeniable so far as the attention may well see. For war had already validated, and has proven ever on the grounds that, that numerical superiority regularly contains the day. And but, each sometimes, such lopsided engagements have had an unforeseen end result, and proved to be a crucible during which nice leaders, and heritage, are solid.   Outnumbered chronicles fourteen momentous events on which a smaller, ostensibly weaker strength prevailed in an epochal war of words. therefore, Alexander, undaunted, devised an excellent and bold plan that disoriented and destroyed the Persian strength and, as a result, its empire. Likewise, in the course of the U.S. Civil warfare, accomplice basic Robert E. Lee, regardless of being outpositioned and outnumbered greater than to 1 by way of Union forces at Chancellorsville, Virginia, hatched an audacious and shock method that stuck his enemy thoroughly unawares. different both unforeseen, era-defining victories are proven to have derived from the devastating deployment of bizarre weaponry, sheer success, or maybe the gullibility of an enemy, as whilst Yamashita Tomoyuki, commander of 35,000 ill-supplied jap troops, confident the 85,000-strong British Commonwealth military to give up Singapore in 1942.   jointly those money owed represent a captivating survey that captures the buzz and terrors of conflict, whereas highlighting the unpredictable nature of struggle and the braveness and ingenuity of encouraged, and encouraging, army leaders. an exciting journey of the battlefields of background, replete with dramatic encounters, surprising twists of destiny, and interesting personality stories, Outnumbered demonstrates that, even if the percentages look insurmountable, the trail to glory can nonetheless be chanced on.

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