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This e-book used to be initially written in 1971 and it truly is uncertain that a lot has been up to date due to the fact that Tart's unique paintings. search for your self. only a few of the references are newer than 1968-1970. when you are drawn to marijuana people who smoke' own event or perceptions within the 1960's, this e-book is for you.It displays evaluations from the 1960's, now not now. be mindful although that private testimony doesn't end up that the results got here from marijuana. such a lot of different components may have affected a clients perceptions and adventure. at the confident facet, even though it isn't a systematic study,it presents reliable qualitative details from clients at the moment.

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Starting at the Fairly intoxicated level, there is an enhancement of taste and increase in appetite. Somewhat higher, taste imagery may be enhanced. Above that there may be a time delay between chewing and tasting, and at the level midway between Strongly and Very Strongly tastes may break into components. FIGURE 8-2. INTOXICATION LEVELS, TASTE PHENOMENA Very Just Fairly Strongly Maximum Strongly TASTE BROKEN INTO COMPONENTS TIME DELAY BETWEEN CHEWING AND TASTING Type size code: CHARACTERISTIC COMMON INFREQUENT Rare TASTE IMAGERY ENHANCED SALIVATE A LOT RETASTE FOOD WHEN BELCHING CRAVE SWEET THINGS NEW QUALITIES TO TASTE ENJOY EATING AND EAT VERY MUCH Just Fairly Strongly Very Strongly Maximum MODULATING FACTORS The background factors having relatively linear effects are summarized in Table 8-2, namely, Drug Experience and Meditation.

001). The modal levels of minimal intoxication for both effects are Fairly to Strongly, and do not differ from one another (7%, 26%, 25%, 15%, 1% and 5%, 17%, 22%, 12%, 3%, respectively), although many (41 percent) users did not rate the level on objects seeming lighter. 05 for each comparison). 05). Figure 8-1. KINESTHETIC SENSE OF WEIGHT OF OBJECTS ADDITIONAL EFFECTS "Touch becomes more erotic with friends than usual" (Sometimes, Strongly). "Sensation increases with amount and then becomes less pleasurable and more physically objectionable" (Usually, Just).

10). 01), the distribution of levels of intoxication does not differ significantly. A related phenomenon, described fully in Chapter 15, "When thinking about things while stoned, there are visual images that just automatically go along with thinking,"a very common effect, which occurs at Moderate levels of intoxication. [2] Many users (57 percent, 59 percent, respectively) did not rate the level of intoxication for this, but for those who did, it was generally rated in the highest ranges (1%, 4%, 15%, 10%, 13%, and 3%, 2%, 9%, 12%, 15%, respectively).

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