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By Adam Wiegner, Izabella Nowakowa

Wiegner's paintings belongs to shine analytical philosophy, however it falls outdoor of its major present, the Lvov-Warsaw college, which was once stimulated through Hume's rules, Wiegner, prompted through neo-Kantianism, built a non-Humean perception of holistic empiricism, which anticipates a number of the principles of K.R. Popper and W.V.O. Quine. a few of his rules stay unique to this day.His major learn pursuits incorporated epistemology, philosophy of brain, philosophy of technological know-how specially philosophy of psychology, analytical background of philosophy, interpretation of conventional common sense when it comes to mathematical common sense.

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One of the virtues or vices (depending on perspective) of Wiegner’s writing is his custom (which seems to have developed into a mannerism later) of citing original sources. He justifies this style of writing in “Remarks on Indeterminism in Physics” (pp. 105-106). Perhaps the most significant is the comment that he wishes thereby to make the original formulation available to his readers where it might not have been available otherwise. As a rule, he cites the text also in the language of the original (German, English or Polish).

1915-E, section 3) 2 (1916-UE), p. 600f, reprint: p. 18f. For the proof that it is impossible to deduce a synthetic judgment from exclusively analytic premises, see (1915-E), section 9. 9 42 10 Adam Wiegner the theory of knowledge either takes the form of a petitio principii or leads to an infinite regress. This explains its futility. This same theory of knowledge appears sometimes under the apparently innocent name of a psychological theory of the possibility of knowledge. In such form, it tries to reduce cognitive facts to more basic and primitive mental phenomena.

This fear must give way to the need to have a term for the problem regarding the basis of principles. I reserve the term “general problem of knowledge” to capture this issue since it gave rise to the pseudoproblem which was the object of the theory of knowledge. The Problem of Knowledge 45 perception. After all it is perceptual judgments that constitute direct knowledge, and their truth is thus beyond doubt, they supply a test of the truth of judgments based on them. In this way, we have found a second and (clearly basic kind of grounding of judgments — by reference to direct knowledge as their basis (1914-KM, sec.

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