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L 12 gold-embroidered purple cloths decorated the streets. Nor were there missing the framed images of Christ and the saints, fashioned by the weaver's hand, and which one would have said were not woven figures but living beings. Worthy too of admiration were the wooden platforms and scaffoldings set up along both sides of the parade route to hold the spectators. The part of the city that was thus bedecked was that which extended from the eastern gates to the Great Palace. The splendid quadriga was pulled by four horses, whiter than snow, with magnificent manes.

The walls of the city were subsequently shattered in many places, and the way was open into the city. Thus, the formerly impudent and loud-boasting enemy bent the knee to the emperor and surrendered the city to him by necessity, rather than by intention. This took place not immediately, but after a second offensive in which the enemy repeatedly attacked and then withdrew to the other wall nearby, their retreat from this position, as from the first, after a bloody beating. After similarly attacking the fortresses in the vicinity of this city, John departed for Coele Syria,63 and on making his entrance into the beautiful city of Antioch through which the Orontes River flows and the west wind blows, he was welcomed by Prince Raymond64 and the entire city popu- lace [29 August 1137].

Foto Rihliotcca Vaticana. Alexios Doukas Mourtzouphlos. Cod. Vinduh. hi,tu. gr. 53. C'ourtc,v Ostcrreichischc itiunalhihliothek. Vienna. \; inn yr _ NIKETAS CHONIATES BEGINNING WITH THE REIGN OF JOHN KOMNENOS AND ENDING WITH THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE Pre face H,sTORICAL narratives, indeed, have been invented for the common benefit of mankind, since those who will are able to gather from many of these the most advantageous insights. In recording ancient events and customs, the narratives elucidate human nature and expose men of noble sentiments, those who nourish a natural love for the good, to varied experiences.

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