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Since we do not need to declare a type for the variable, we can change it to a different value and type later in the program. Listing 1-3. x = 'Hello Jython' We’ve just changed the value of the variable ‘x’ from a numeric value to a String without any consequences. What really occurred is that we created a new variable ‘Hello Jython’ and assigned it to the identifier ‘x’, which in turn lost its reference to 0. This is a key to the dynamic language philosophy. change should not be difficult. 5 CHAPTER 1 LANGUAGE AND SYNTAX Let us take what we know so far and apply it to some simple calculations.

Listing 1-5. println("Java likes curly braces"); } Now, let’s look at a similar block of code written in Python. Listing 1-6. Python if-statement x = 100 if x > 0: print 'Wow, this is elegant' else: print 'Organization is the key' Okay, this is cheesy but we will go through it nonetheless as it is demonstrating a couple of key points to the Python language. As you see, the Python program evaluates if the value of the variable ‘x’ is greater than zero. ’ Look at the indentation which is used within the ‘if’ block.

Time to see some examples. Listing 1-29. py from ExternalModule import tipCalculator When importing modules into your program, you must ensure that the module being imported does not conflict with another name in your current program. To import a module that is named the same as another identifier in your current program, you can use the as syntax. py and we want to use it’s functionality in our current program. However, we already have a function named tipCalculator() within the current program.

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