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By A. H. Halsey (auth.)

This is the autobiography of a working-class boy who grew to become an Oxford professor. A.H. Halsey used to be born in Kentish city, London, in 1923 - a railway baby in a wide extended family. The kinfolk moved in 1926 to Rutland after which to Northamptonshire as the father have been wounded within the nice conflict. Halsey 'won the scholarship' to Kettering Grammar institution in 1933, left institution at sixteen, went into the RAF as a pilot cadet. The metaphor of commute via time and area is maintained all through this autobiography. the tale starts with day-by-day walks earlier canal boats in Oxford, flashes to the Pacific to Hong Kong and China, after which to a glimpse of demise within the John Radcliffe health center, promising to give an explanation for the entire trip from a council housing property to a professorial chair at Oxford.

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On work days he always carried his tools in a Gladstone bag. On Sundays if all was well, he would go on the pub crawl across Hampstead Heath to the Spaniards, with its atmosphere of a merrier and more Catholic England, and he would take me with him and stand me outside with a bottle of spruce. So there was a puritanical rectitude ruling the traditional round. What I think of most concretely is the gentleness and fastidious touch of my father, despite the fact that he reeked always of tobacco, and often on Friday nights of beer.

The tramp stretched out his billy can. She filled it with tea spooned out of the caddy and hot water from the boiler at the hob. She also cut two enormous slices of white bread from the loaf and spread them liberally with dripping. He took them through the window. 'God bless you missus', he said. 'Good luck to you mate' she replied. That was the 1930s. We were conventionally in material poverty. Yet I and my siblings remember it more as a rich and rewarding childhood because we were free to make our own world and our own future.

The new things were the cap and blazer and satchel, rugby football, Latin, French and maths in all its branches and all carried forward at a brisk pace in the fast scholarship form. Class, I mean social class, suffused it all. It wasn't at all that I learned any new theory of genetic and environmental determinants of IQ. Cleverness or performance was the measure. But performance in what? As a soldier, a cricketer, in music hall or film, or making things for the family to use? These attributes were to be found in the village at least as much as in the narrower frame of the school.

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