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By Amihud Gilead

This ebook discovers parts and subject matters, in particular in philosophical psychology, for novel observations and investigations, the range of that's systematically unified in the body of the author's unique metaphysics, panenmentalism. The publication demonstrates how through fair fictions we might observe significant probabilities in addition to their beneficial relationships that in a different way couldn't be found.

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The question asks whether this possibility is psychical (namely, in our mind only), mental (or intersubjective), or actual. In each of these questions, possibility is a self-predicated subject. ” As the reader may quite easily guess by now, panenmentalist modality is entirely incompatible with Russellian, Quinean, Davidsonian, or any other settheoretical philosophy. Thus, although “the present king of France is bald” is by no means actual, it is yet a sheer possibility, and to think or speak about, refer or relate to, such a possibility, now or at any other time is quite 20 NECESSITY AND TRUTHFUL FICTIONS meaningful.

Instead, we hold to quite another modal philosophy, according to which no sets as such are needed, for the entire realm of pure possibilities— the mental realm as a whole—is more than enough for all our needs concerning quantifiers or quantification. Instead of quantifying over sets, panenmentalism quantifies over all that realm of pure possibilities. In this way, we avoid, it appears, all the paradoxes with which the settheoretical philosophy has been afflicted so much. Panenmentalism appears to be exempt from all these ills.

So are the objects-possibilities of hope, fear, aspiration, and the like for any person. Such pure possibilities, of which no actualities yet indicate, may be among the strongest motives that conduct our life and, as such, they must be quite real for us, although not actual. Yet they are not in our mind only, they are discovered by it, and they are as real as our mind, which is also a pure possibility. Such possibilities exist independently of us, although they exist for us to be discovered. Equally independent is the existence of our mind—as a pure possibility it exists and is real no less than its actuality, namely, the body.

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