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By Leonard B Meyer

Meyer makes a invaluable assertion on aesthetics, standards for assessing nice works of song, compositional practices and theories of the current day, and predictions of the way forward for Western tradition. His postlude, written for the book's twenty-fifth anniversary, appears again at his ideas at the path of track in 1967.

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We are in fact continually making value judgments for both ourselves and others. As an individual I can listen to and study only a limited number of musical works during my lifetime. I must choose between works, exercising value judgments. As a teacher I decide to use this work for teaching rather than that. And though I may select the work for didactic reasons rather than because I think it is a masterpiece, even as I chose it for this reason I am aware of the distinction between a work which is great in its own terms and one which will serve to illustrate a given point clearly.

31 As It Has Been Notice that not only is infonnation increased in this variant, but that the meaning of the descent from B is in retrospect literaUr different. For its obviousness now seems to have been a means of deception as to the ultimate intent of the theme. Example 4 To summarize what we have learned from this excursion into the relationship of information theory to music and to value: first of all, we have found that resistance, or more broadly deviation, is a correlative of information.

These points must, I think, be granted. The peculiar quality of a particular object, event, or experience-whether in art or in nature-can never be explained fully and without distortion. (These matters are discussed below, pp. 162--64 and pp. ) To insist upon an exhaustive and accurate account, however, is to give up all hope of rational explanation and communication. One can only assert that a work of art is beautiful or possesses "validity" (see, for instance, Albert Hofstadter, "Validity versus Value").

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