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20-201, Military Improvisations Dwing the Russian Campaign (Washington, DC, August 1951),32. 39. I. S. Konev, Zapiski Komanduyushchegofrontona writings of a From commarrder] (Moscow: Voeuizdat, 1981),224. 40. A. Grechko, “Nekotorye voprosy voermogo iskusstva v L’vovskoSaudomirskoi operatsii” [A few less&us of military art in the Lvov-Sandomierz operation], I&h, February 196029. 41. Matsuleuko, OMV, 109. 42. Ibid. 43. Ibid,, 110. 44. , 189. 45. , 110. 46. Ibid. 49 47. Zhukov, “Organizatsiya,” 49, and Richard Armstrong, “The Enemy WiII TeII Us When,” Military Intelligence7 (April-June 1981):47-48.

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