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By Jürgen Scheible, Ville Tuulos

Mobile Python is the creation of Python programming language to the cellular space.  This useful hands-on publication teaches readers the way to detect their software rules at the Symbian OS. Programming at the Symbian cellular platform has been tricky and time eating within the past.  This leading edge new name will therapy this problem. 
Chapters take care of issues which are in line with Python S60 positive aspects and awarded in an order that shall we the consumer examine first the “simple to code” ones after which expanding in complexity.

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1). Your phone is now ready to execute Python scripts. Let’s prepare a ‘Hello world’ script. INSTALLING PYTHON FOR S60 ON 3RD EDITION DEVICES 19 2. Write a Python Script You can write a Python script on your computer with any text editor. Useful editors are, for example, SubEthaEdit, TextMate or BBEdit. We do not recommend using Mac’s TextEdit application, as it might place some invisible characters in your code which throw an error when executing the script. py. txt. The file is now ready to be executed on your phone!

Example 2: Various dialogs If you want, change the instruction text (the label parameter) of the query function. As you can see, we need to import the appuifw module at the beginning of the script to make this work. query(u"Do you word:", "text") number:", "number") date:", "date") time:", "time") password:", "code") like PyS60", "query") Since Symbian OS and the S60 platform are used all over the world, they need to be able to show text written in various languages and writing systems. Unicode provides a consistent way to encode text written in any writing system.

For some developers, this might be the most productive way to use PyS60. If you want to see even more nifty tricks that PyS60 can do, Appendix B tells you how to use the PyS60 interpreter remotely on your PC over Bluetooth. 3 Graphical User Interface Basics The native graphical user interface elements are some of the easiest to learn of the features that Python for S60 offers. We cover them here at the beginning of the book, to give you a smooth start in learning PyS60. We explain the graphical user interface (UI) elements using small exercises.

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