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By Steve Hillard

Input Mirkwood, the good woodland of Doubt daring new writer Steve Hillard's wildly unique debut, Mirkwood, re-invents J.R.R. Tolkien as a guy haunted by way of the very myths he rewove into his well-known works. As a lot literary feedback as boisterous epic, this episodically-driven plot explores the blurred borderlands the place old stories, misplaced heroines, and epic trips are stalked via dim monsters that won't be nonetheless. In 1970, Professor Tolkien makes a little-known stopover at to America-and units in movement elvish powers embodied in a cache of archaic files. Destinies are altered, legends develop into actual, and heroines needs to race for his or her lives in drastically diverse worlds. it is a paintings of fiction that is neither counseled by means of nor hooked up with The JRR Tolkien property or its writer.

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He remembered the little wound of the mind, unhealed through the years, that someday, somehow, to someone, he would have to answer for what he possessed. That moment had come. “I destroyed it,” he said, summoning a reserve of false courage. “Your lie befits your life. Will you grovel now? ” Jess’s walking stick was inexplicably missing. He stood empty-handed before the intruder, flat-footed and defenseless. The flashing sword point rose, poised to plunge deep into his chest, and open the throbbing sack of his heart.

It tumbles down the sluice with irresistible momentum. Wooden gear teeth mesh into morticed slots in the rolling cogwheel the size of this room. It turns and the grindstone rolls. ” “Well, it was his father that I saw as a boy. But the name and the measure of the man remain the same. ” “Give me a name and I can find a story.

A. ” His demanding eye narrowed. ” “Keeping house at his property. Ignoring his creditors, and …,” she brightened, “teaching school. ” She rushed on. A. public schools. Raynor Elementary. I like it. I hope I get hired back. But for right now, I’m here. ” His lean fingers once more tapped the edge of the business card on the table. “Look, Cadence, “I can tell that you really want to find your grandfather or, excuse me if I’m too indelicate, what happened to him. So if he’s the one you gotta find and the one who knows about these writings and Tolkien, then you need to go look for him.

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