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By Jaegwon Kim

This article, in accordance with Jaegwon Kim's 1996 Townsend Lectures, offers the philosopher's late-1990s perspectives on numerous matters within the metaphysics of the brain - particularly, the mind-bady challenge, psychological causation, and reductionism. Kim construes the mind-body challenge as that of discovering a spot for the brain in a global that's essentially actual. between different issues, he redefines the jobs of supervenience and emergence within the dialogue of the mind-body challenge. Arguing that a variety of modern money owed of psychological causation are insufficient, he deals his personal in part reductionist answer at the foundation of a version of relief. The e-book keeps the casual tone of the lecture layout.

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What intermediate stages could link the beauty of a painting to its physical properties ? What intermediary events could causally connect a mental event with its subvenient physical base? Would such intermediaries themselves be mental or physical ? Moreover , for the present case, the causal chain approach , in taking M to be a nonphysical cause of P*, would violate the causal closure of the physical domain , an option foreclosed to the physicalist . Nor does it seem plausible to take M and P together to constitute a single sufficient cause of P" .

21But we can skirt this question here, for if the answer is no, that would ' only show that mind body supervenience isn t enough to give us a solution to the problem of causal exclusion of the mental by the physical . But there is a potentially more serious problem with supervenience: mind -body supervenience may itself be a source of the problem . That is, mind -body supervenience, far from being part of the solution , as hoped for by Fodor, Horgan , and others, may turn out to be part of the problem .

In referring to this as our problem of mental causation , what I mean to suggest is that it is a problem that arises for anyone with the kind of broadly physicalist outlook that many philosophers , including myself , find compelling or, at least, plausible and attractive . In contrast, the other two problems (the mental anomaly problem and the extrinsicness problem ) are not essentially tied to physicalism . They are largely independent of physicalist commitments and can arise outside the physicalist framework .

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