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You are indeed divine. You are not merely the body and intellect. You are distinct and different from the perishable body of flesh and bones and from the mind and intellect, which are finite and changeable. You are unchangeable, infinite, immortal Atman. Being overcome by the sleep of spiritual ignorance, you are dreaming this painful agitated dream of being a little, weak, imperfect, human individual person afflicted by egoism and selfishness, by desires and cravings, by fears and anxieties, by love and hate, by envy and jealousy, and numerous such painful conditions—physical as well as mental.

Sannyasa is infinite strength. By escaping from active struggle of earthly life, an individual cannot escape his Prarabdha. This is an illusion which people who do not know the law of Karma hold on to. He who understands, would not dare to enter this fiery order of Sannyasa in order to escape from the struggle of life. Fate will show that he is woefully mistaken. Those very Karmas which he has sought to escape in secular life will stand before him, ruthless and pitiless, and he will have to work them out with compound interest.

He ever strives to elevate his consciousness to the consciousness of the Atman. Reflect over the above and judge what you are. 24 THE GLORY OF SANNYASA A Sannyasin’s life is composed of the three factors of total renunciation, of a blazing aspiration for the Infinite, of spotless purity. A total renunciation is the negative aspect of his life, the blazing aspiration is the positive aspect in between, and spotless purity is the fabric of which his life is made up. Positive purity is the one condition of the descent of Divine consciousness into his receptacle.

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