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By Charles Chapman

This ebook is for all degrees and sorts of guitarists. "Finger Gymnastics" is a time period used for warm-ups, stretching, and any form of perform workout that develops procedure and stamina whereas fighting procedure similar accidents. The routines during this publication are time-tested and may maintain your strategy at its optimal whereas aiding to make sure injury-free functionality. The enclosed CD provides 3 models of the routines in chapters I and II, each one model extra complicated than the previous one. In bankruptcy III, bass and rhythm accompaniments are incorporated for lots of of the examples. Matching the pitch and articulation with a rhythm historical past won't simply help in warming up, stretching, and construction stamina, yet will make your perform a extra pleasant adventure.

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Art did not really get into music until his early teens when he started picking up broadcast remotes of the Coon-Sanders Orchestra on the family crystal set. He was soon taking piano lessons at Hull House for twenty-five cents a session. One day a ten-year-old Benny Goodman walked into Hull House and asked if he could sit in. The two jammed for half an hour on some pop song of the day. "As small as he was, it seemed like he was looking down on you," Art wryly observed. By his mid-teens Art was accompanying singers who "made the rounds, going from table to table for tips," playing dime-a-dance halls, and generally "beginning to get exposed to musicians who may have heard jazz.

Memories loomed for him. A jam session at the Liberty Inn when four young white trumpet players got up on the bandstand together—Paul Mares, Louis Prima, and Manone, all from New Orleans, and Chicagoan Marty Marsala. Then pianist Bob Zurke came in and "played so much boogie-woogie I couldn't stand it and had to run out," Art chuckled at the recollection. ' " As the Roaring Twenties went by, Art found himself in the company of, and often playing with, Beiderbecke, the Dodds brothers, Noone, Omer Simeon, Cow Cow Davenport, Meade Lux Lewis, Tut Soper, Gene Krupa, George Wettling, Big Bill Broonzy, Condon, Davison, Russell, Spanier, Freeman, Teschemacher, and many, many others.

One day she was pumping this oldfashioned organ and I began playing it. It must have been terrific because she dropped me on the floor and ran and got the neighbors and brought them in. Then in the second grade I discovered that I had perfect pitch. " Mary Lou Williams participated in the all-night jam sessions in Kansas City and on one occasion was roused from sleep in the middle of the night to serve as relief for an exhausted pianist. Her accounts of life on the road with the Clouds of Joy, of which she was a member from the early 1930s until 1942, are quite harrowing.

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