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In the query box on the Web Wombat search page, type: `greeting cards'. Go on, try it. I did, and got the following result: GREETING (273) CARD(4055) CARDI(3) CARDION(I) CARDIWIN(I) CARD2(2) CARD2ON(I) CARD2WIN(I) CARD3(I) CARD336(I) CARD3ON(I) CARD4ON(I) CARD5ON(I) CARD6ON(I) CARD7ON(I) CARD8ON(I) CARDAK(6) CARDALL(2) CARDAMOM(4) CARDAMON(2) CARDANO(4) CARDASSIAN(2) CARDASSIANS(I) etc. etc. etc. CARDS(2786) Overwhelming? Not really. I found three likely looking prospects out of the ten hits on the first page.

Most designers have an online portfolio for you to look at. If you see sites that appeal, you can begin negotiations with the designer. Most designers are comfortable doing this via e-mail, and will be able to give you a quote on a preliminary design almost immediately. However, as well as looking at the portfolio, make sure that you visit 31 MAKING THE INTERNET WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS the sites the designer has created. As you view the sites, look for more than visual appeal. Ask yourself whether a particular site sells.

Hosting your site on your ISP’s servers Many ISPs will let you create a small site, and post it on their servers, without charging you. If you’ve decided that you’re happy with a small site, with only a couple of pages, then this could be the cheapest solution. There are several problems with this option, however, tempting as it may be to go for the freebie. The most significant problem is that smaller ISPs don’t have secure servers, so you won’t have the option to perform online transactions. Nor are small ISPs set up to handle thousands of visitors per day to any site they host; if your site is wildly successful, your ISP may ask that you take it elsewhere.

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