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By Sir John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon)

Draw a triangle with the Maya Vija inside it, and round it concentric circles (the one outdoor the other). within the house among the 2 circumferences of the circles attract pairs the 16 filaments, and out of doors those the 8 petals of the lotus, and out of doors them the Bhu-pura, which will be made up of instantly strains with 4 entrances, and be of exciting visual appeal.

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It is to be noted, however, that the Prana-toshini cites a passage purporting to come from the Mahanirvana Tantra, which is apparently in direct opposition to the foregoing: Divya-vira-mayo bhavah kalau nasti kada-chana Kevalang pasha-bhavena mantra-siddhirbhavennrinam. "In the Kali Age there is no divya or vira-bhava. " This matter of the bhava prevalent in the Kali-yuga has been the subject of considerable discussion and difference of opinion, and is only touched upon here. Guru and Shishya The Guru is the religious teacher and spiritual guide to whose direction orthodox Hindus of all divisions of worshippers submit themselves.

He is to the Sun what our spirit (atma) is to our body. Though He is in the region of the sun in the outer or material sphere He also dwells in our inner selves. He is the light of the light in the solar circle, and is the light of the lives of all beings. As He is in the outer ether, so also is He in the ethereal region of the heart. In the outer ether He is Suryya, and in the inner ether He is the wonderful Light which is the Smokeless Fire. In short, that Being whom the sadhaka realizes in the region of his heart is the Aditya in the heavenly firmament.

To produce the designed effect mantra must be intoned in the proper way, according to svara (rhythm), and varna (sound). Their textual source is to be found in Veda, Purana, and Tantra. The latter is essentially the mantra-shastra, and so it is said of the embodied shastra, that Tantra, which consists of mantra, is the paramatma, the Vedas are the jivatma, Darshana (systems of philosophy) are the senses, Puranas are the body, and Smriti are the limbs. Tantra is thus the shakti of consciousness, consisting of mantra.

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