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By Jack Vance

The Elder Isles, positioned in what's now the Bay of Biscay off the the coast of previous Gaul, are made of ten contending kingdoms, all vying with one another for keep an eye on. on the centre of a lot of the intrigue is Casmir, the ruthless and impressive king of Lyonnesse. His appealing yet otherworldly daughter, Suldrun, is a part of his plans. He intends to cement an alliance or by way of marrying her good. yet Suldrun is as decided as he and defies him. Casmir coldly confines her to the overgrown backyard that she likes to common, and it's the following that meets her love and her tragedy unfolds. Political intrigue, magic, struggle, event and romance are interwoven in a wealthy and sweeping story set in a brilliantly learned fabled land.

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There: in a crevice, the iron rod. There: the upper and lower lock-holes. And beyond, the room where only King Casmir might go... Suldrun let the panels come together. She turned away and, in a sober mood, departed the Hall of Honors. Relations between Lyonesse and Troicinet, never warm, had become strained, for a variety of reasons, which, trifle by trifle, acted to create hostility. The ambitions of King Casmir excluded neither Troicinet nor Dascinet, and his spies pervaded every level of Troice society.

She had swept leaves and dirt from the tessellated floor of the old villa, and had cleared detritus from the bed of a little stream which trickled down one side of the ravine. There was still much to do, but not today. Standing in the shadow of a column, she opened the clasp at her shoulder, let her gown drop around her ankles and stepped away naked. Sunlight tingled on her skin; cool air produced a delicious contrast of sensations. She moved down through the garden. Just so must a dryad feel, thought Suldrun; just so must it move, in just such a hush, with no sound but the sigh of the wind in the leaves.

The jeering cries of the two-headed goblin were muffled by the closing of the door. " With twenty-three other girls of noble lineage, Suldrun stepped through a circlet of white roses, and then led a pavanne with Prince Bellath of Caduz for a partner. Bellath, at the age of sixteen years was spare rather than sturdy. His features were crisp, well-shaped if somewhat austere; his manners were precisely correct and pleasantly modest. In certain qualities he reminded Suldrun of someone else she had known.

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