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By Roger-Pol Droit

" Philosophie indienne ", cela existe-t-il ? Des manuels scolaires, aujourd'hui encore, affirment que non. Certains penseurs aussi, comme Heidegger. Pourtant, quelques générations auparavant, des philosophes européens se sont enthousiasmés. Schopenhauer et Nietzsche en Allemagne, Cousin et Renouvier en France, d'autres encore ont jugé qu'il fallait prendre en compte los angeles philosophie indienne. Que s'est-il passé, d'un siècle à l'autre ? Pourquoi l'Inde a-t-elle pratiquement disparu de l. a. scène philosophique ? Existe-t-il, oui ou non, de l. a. philosophie en Inde ? Telles sont les questions que cet essai tente de poser, en mêlant érudition, ironie et écriture limpide.

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The conduct that contributes either to the benefit of self or to that of others. ) : the clinging to the inner self and the clinging to outer objects. ). These include all the three major types of sentient beings in the Three Realms of Sarpsara. Sentient beings in the Realm of Desire all have strong desire-passions (kldas); in the Realm of Fonn they have fewer desire-passions; and in the Realm of Fonnlessness still fewer. The Realms of Fonn and Fonnlessness consist of the so-called Twenty-four Heavens.

46 TEACHINGS OF TIBETAN YOGA " ( 4) He who can hold the bright Awareness but thinks there is nothing more to Mahamudra also falls into error. "(5) If one only cultivates 'Blissfulness,' 'Illumination,' and 'Non-distinction' without practicing 'penetrating-observation-into-the-mind,' it still cannot be considered as the correct Mahamudra practice. " ( 6) He who develops a dislike to manifestations is most likely to have gone astray. "(7) He who concentrates on his Awareness and cultivates the illuminating-void Self-mind is said to practice Mahamudra correctly.

Then, he takes a long breath and pushes the air down to the Navel Center. At the same time he should imagine that the Tig Le drops down to the Navel Center through the Central Channel like a small iron ball falling through a tube with a rattle; then, while holding the breath, he should concentrate on the Tig Le at the Navel Center. When he exhales, the Tig Le returns again to the Head Center through the Central Channel. [Steadily to improve this meditation] the yogi should first visualize the Tig Le dropping down only to the Throat 62 TEACHINGS OF TIBETAN YOGA Center until, without effort, the vision becomes extremely clear.

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