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By Dawn Cook

Fourth within the sensational sequence that includes Alissa, a tender pupil of magic whose rebellious nature places her existence at risk.

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Almost cowering, she moved silently with nothing on her ankle but a simple band. Suddenly conscious of her bedecked ankle, Alissa frowned at the disparity. The girl clearly had no status, walking with the stance of a beggar. Strell cleared his throat nervously, and as one, Lodesh and Alissa turned to face him. The crowd moved around them like water past a rock. ” Lodesh drawled, reminding Alissa why she was angry. “A hole in a tavern’s ceiling? ” His face grew closed as Strell looked everywhere but at her.

I’m not looking to crew,” he said. “Passenger, only. ” The innkeeper turned devious, his thin lips curling at the corners. “Lacy’s got a boat now. Her husband— sorry, lad, but if you leave ‘em, they jump ship—her husband is up-coast getting the first of the leather, but he’ll be back in a week or so, the Navigator willing and the winds stay right. ” He glanced behind Strell to Alissa, Lodesh, and Connen-Neute. “All of you. ” Alissa blinked. A room and food for Strell’s music? A room worth more money than she had ever seen in exchange for Strell’s promise to lure people in with his music?

Kole frowned as he turned his attention over Strell’s shoulder to a noisy group that had entered and arranged themselves at the counter. Alissa couldn’t help but notice their shoes were wet with mud. ” Kole said as he looked back. “The silvers are spawning in the shallows, and the leather is ready up-coast. Strell, you know as well as I you won’t find a ship willing to forgo the usual runs for a pleasure sail out to the current. There’s too much money to be made the usual way. ” Strell smiled confidently.

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