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Free on Board (FOB) contract: in an LNG FOB contract, the buyer lifts the LNG from the liquefaction plant and is responsible for transporting the LNG to the receiving terminal. The buyer is responsible for the shipping, either owning the LNG ships or chartering them from a shipowner. In a FOB contract, the seller requires assurance that the shipping protocols provide a safe and reliable off-take for the LNG to prevent disruption to the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA). See Cost, insurance and freight (CIF) contract, Ex-Ship contract and Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) Freight: charge made for the transportation of a cargo.

Flash vapors: gas vapors released from a stream of natural gas liquids as a result of an increase in temperature or a decrease in pressure. Force Majeure: a term commonly used in contracts to describe an event or effect that cannot be reasonably controlled. Forward contract: a commitment to buy (long) or sell (short) an underlying asset at a specified date at a price (known as the 36 F Forward haul exercise or forward price) specified at the origination of the contract. Forward haul: a natural gas transportation service which requires movement of gas from a point of receipt to a point of delivery such that the contractual direction of movement on the pipeline is in the same direction as the flow of the gas.

Load balancing: process of matching customers' demand for natural gas with producers' ability to supply. Loaded leg: that portion (or subdivision) of a ship's voyage during which the ship is carrying cargo. L Loading days Loading days: the number of days allowed to load a cargo defined in the charter party. Local distribution company (LDC): a utility that takes natural gas from a local delivery point (generally called the city gate) and distributes it to local customers. A business entity that obtains its primary revenues from the operations of a local retail gas distribution.

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