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The Rebel in the Union overcoat gruffly demanded to know the Yankees’ regiments as he stripped them of their weapons. ’’ Satisfied that their captives were ≤∫ YELLOWSTONE DENIED nothing more than a pair of ‘‘dumb Dutchmen,’’ the partisans contented themselves by kicking Doane and Manderson and allowing them to proceed down the road without further abuse. ≥≠ Doane found his troubles from this brush with the enemy just beginning. ’’ Washburn had Lieutenant Sim and Sergeant Manderson both testify in support of the three specifications on October ∞∏, and Doane had no choice but to plead guilty to all of them.

During this time Doane got letters from California bearing news of his family’s dismay at not hearing from him. He had never been a prolific letter writer since joining the army in ∞∫∏≥, and his sister, Annie, felt the silence more keenly than his parents or brothers. ≤ Cheyney had his mind on a destination other than California that summer. John, Richard, and Edward Ellet convinced Doane to return with them to their wartime haunts in Mississippi to invest with Alfred Ellet’s friends in a mercantile operation and a cotton plantation in Yazoo County.

David Tallerday temporarily replaced Col. John Ellet as commanding officer. This change seemed to calm down most of the resisting soldiers, who shuffled down the various gangplanks in grumbling obedience. One squad of twenty-three men said they would not go unless they went under guard, and a few others who resisted were gathered with them. The die-hard mutineers were dutifully arrested and hauled off to prison while the rest of the jeering, insolent masses marched off to their camp. ’’∑≥ The men of the Mississippi Marine Regiment reconciled themselves to their new role as garrison troops only as far as the nearest lawyer’s office.

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