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By Joanne Bertin

First released in 1999, the Queen of 1 of the Dragonlords' topic nation-states has suspiciously drowned and regents vie for keep an eye on of the vacant throne. while, a mystery society led by way of a sinister snapshot has darkish plans of its personal. Linden realises that the lethal magic that holds him could make him the final dragonlord...ever.

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I'd thought that was already settled some time ago and the queen's drowning proven to be an accident. " "There was; it found no cause for suspicion. And now that the period of mourning is over, we had all thought Duke Beren was to be confirmed as regent. But then came this challenge, the messenger said. The Cassorin council is divided; they cannot settle the matter and many of the barons are becoming restless. " Of course; on the morrow, the Lady and the Dragonlords' own council— the Saethe—were to consult with the truedragons on a matter of grave and growing concern to the Dragonlords.

Slowly, and with infinite satisfaction, he pressed down on the wood, forcing the back end under. Blood splashed up and over, wave after miniature wave, as he continued to push the little boat down. It disappeared. Nor did it surface again. The chant ended on a note of triumph. He stepped back from the altar, aware now of a sudden drop in temperature. "Clean it up," he ordered the servant as he wiped his bloody hands on the wet cloth the man offered him. Then he walked down the slope to where he'd left his tunic.

I'm known there; I played many times for Queen Desia. Yes, Linden replied. Good bye. He let the contact fade, groaning a little at the ache that had settled behind his eyes. The scent of callitha blossoms returned, spicy and soothing. Afterward he sat watching the night sky for a long time. Nethuryn never knew who slipped the note under his door. Perhaps it was Joreda, who sometimes saw the truth in her fortune-telling sticks. But anonymous as it was, it had the ring of truth. The cold-eyed one sends his wolf for you.

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