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By Tim Waggoner

Experience the break as award-winning horror author Tim Waggoner brings the eldritch terror of Eberron® to life.

Lirra Brochann is second-in-command to a strength carrying out mystery army experiments at the creations of Xoriat, the area of insanity. whilst the govt. threatens to withdraw help for the experiments, the alchemist accountable, Lirra’s personal uncle, makes a drastic blunders and a portal to Xoriat is opened. In attempting to cease the consequent insanity, Lirra turns into bonded to at least one of the experiments, a symbiotic tentacle whip with a will of its personal. Maddened by way of his connections to Xoriat, her uncle and his unexpected forces of symbiotically certain squaddies threaten all Lirra as soon as stood for. yet preventing them skill she’ll need to achieve regulate of the tentacle whip.

A mixture of fable, horror, and army fiction Lady destroy brings a complete new view to the post-war international of Eberron. With a Lovecraftian bent, this experience will ship chills up your backbone.

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Despite the absence of flames—or perhaps because of them—Vaddon stared into the fireplace as if he were searching for something within it. He didn’t turn to greet Lirra and the others as they entered, and she took that as a bad sign. Vaddon wasn’t a man given to deep contemplation, and when he was lost in thought, it usually didn’t bode well. ” He spoke without turning to face them, his voice soft. “His wound is healed,” Ksana said. ” “I’m glad. ” Lirra noted that Ksana refrained from mentioning her concerns about the state of Osten’s mind, most likely because she didn’t wish to say anything to Vaddon until Osten woke and she’d had a chance to examine him more thoroughly.

The ghost hands gripping your head squeeze so tight you feel your skull will shatter and collapse inward like a rotten melon. Your blood seems to boil in your veins, and if you could, you’d grab a dagger and slice open your wrists to drain the molten fire out of you, but you can’t move. You can’t even draw in a breath. The symbiont is on the verge of claiming your body as its own and you have to fight, and fight hard, or be lost. It was a near thing for me, Captain, my fight to retain control of my own body, and to be honest, I feared I would lose.

Ksana turned to regard Lirra. “The situation got out of hand today,” she said. “You’re lucky you weren’t injured more seriously than you were. Attempting to control symbionts is a chancy proposition under the best of conditions, but Osten—” “Nothing personal,” Lirra interrupted, “but I’m bound to get a lecture from my father about what happened today. ” The cleric scowled and was about to reply when the infirmary door opened and Rhedyn stepped into the room. His shadowy aspect wasn’t drawn so tightly around him at the moment, and his features were clear—handsome face, chestnut-colored hair brushing his shoulders, neatly trimmed beard, and piercing blue eyes—though even with the sunlight from the open window, he still appeared partially cloaked in shade.

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