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By E.A. Koetting a.k.a. - Archaelus Baron

E.A. Koetting Black Magick Grimoire Evocation.

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yet a depressing, sinister magic has crept with regards to the younger guy and seized carry of the dominion. not anything is because it turns out, because the bonds of family members pressure opposed to the strong forces that might see them undone—and the conflict is joined to unmask and damage the malevolence that threatens to unhinge the king's peaceable and fragile reign.

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Sraagbel's greatest power, however, lies in his ability to show men the aweful truth of things. In this, friends are shown to be deceivers, subordinates are known to be conspirators and even the victim will despise himself for the truths that can no longer be hidden. F M T E T A O S O T N A R S O N As I crossed through the Gateway that had been opened with the Square, I found myself inside a foyer of a large temple. The dwelling was cylindrical, and apparently empty of all beings, The only distraction from the high, white walls and the bare floors were three doors placed evenly around the circumference of the foyer.

The room itself was as large as the foyer to which it connected, and the ceiling was just as high. The bookcases were crammed with large books, most of which appeared to be hand bound in leather jackets. I scanned the books, searching for one to take from the shelf, but saw that there were no titles written on the covers. I chose one book at random and opened it, finding gold leaf pages rather than paper. The script in the book was in the unknown language that I had seen and heard far too often for comfort while working with this Grimoire.

Some may do this with a ritual, a word, gesture, or a simple mental centering. Whatever the individual Sorcerer may prefer, it is only necessary that there is a definite sealing up of the Working and pushing it away from oneself entirely. It is my thought, perhaps naively, that this Gate and Temple is a tool that is meant for use only by the spiritually Adept. Most cithers will be lost inside of the vacuum, confounded by their own charlatan nature, unable to find up from down, in from out. The meek may inherit the earth, but the remainder of creation belongs in the mighty.

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