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By Oliver Leaman

This worthwhile survey covers all the major phrases and ideas utilized in jap philosophy. It sincerely defines the fundamental philosophical principles associated with the traditions of Persia, the Islamic international, Japan, India, China and Tibet, and discusses the main ideas of Zoroastrianism, Sufism, Confucianism, Taoism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism, and past. every one access encompasses a energetic and authoritative serious research of the time period or notion coated.
This publication is a uniquely useful resource for an individual attracted to coming to grips with the japanese philosophical international.

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T h e intellectual aspect of following this route is taken up with formal study, reflection and meditation - all processes that emphasize the intellectual and personal aspects of the understanding of the unity of the individual and reality. Both the mind and the body require training, and the Vedanta should be studied with a teacher. T h e end of the process is reached w h e n all erroneous views are removed and beliefs in the truths of the Vedanta are held in a steady and permanent manner. T h e final proposition that is grasped is that the meditator is brahman, and he contemplates this truth calmly and makes it an essential aspect of his thinking.

The latter characteristics cannot survive in nirvana, which is precisely its opposite. Further reading: Collins 1982, Griffiths 1986. 19 Angra Mainyu Angra Mainyu, personification of evil in Zoroastrianism — see death, evil anicca A Pali term (anitya in Sanskrit), meaning impermanent or transient. One of the triad of marks that characterize all existence in this world, along with dukkha and anatta. This is a central Buddhist concept designed to contrast with the permanent and enduring sense (atman) of Hinduism.

T h e Vaisheshika argued that the world must come from atoms since the character of a material cause is reproduced in its effects, so there must be some element of the causes in the effects. However, the evidence seems to go against this, as they pointed out, since intelligent brahman produced a material and crass form of existence, our world. There are taken to be four kinds of atom — earth, air, fire and water — and they go to make up ordinary things. They operate in space, which is not itself to be analysed in terms of atoms.

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