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Knowledge move brings you studying e-book of Java for novices. This book is for all details know-how and laptop technology scholars and pros around the world.

This booklet presents Java for newcomers references.

1. creation to Java

2. positive aspects of java

3. information forms, Variables and Arrays

4. Operators

5. regulate statements

6. sessions and methods

7. Inheritance

8. applications and Interface

9. Exception Handling

10. occasion Handling

11. The Applet classification

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There are three types of iteration statement used in java. While statement Its function is to repeat or block statement while its controlling expression is true. When it is false the control will pass to the next line of the code following the loop. println (“tick “+ n); n—; } } } Output It will tick 5 times Tick 5 Tick 4 Tick 3 Tick 2 Tick 1 Do-while statement This loop executes its body at least once because it contains its condition expression at the bottom of the loop. println (“tick”+ n); n— ; } While n > 0); } } For statement It is a very powerful as well as very versatile construct.

Type instance-variable n; } Type method a (parameter-list) { //body of method } Type methodname a (parameter-list) //body of method . } } Classes are also called the box which defines variable- width, height and depth. Example Class box { Double width; Double height; Double depth; } Class that implements stack of data and integer. This provides polymorphism in java. 5625 Inheritance Inheritance is a super class from which all the classes are inherited and which does inheriting from a super class is called the sub class.

Private- cannot be seen or accessed from outside the class. 2. Public- it has feature to be accessed from anywhere. 3. Protected- this can be accessed only by classes which are sub-classes. Package syntax Importing a package The statement that imports the package come immediately after the packaging statement and its main function is to import the package by saving more time to its location. (classname d *); Interface It is similar to class which contains constants, methods and signatures. Java simple calculator interface Interface for java Declaration Access interface m { Return method 1 (parameter list); Return method 2 (parameter list); Type final variable name 1 = value; Type final variable name 2 = value; //… Return type method name n (parameter list); Type final varname n = value; } Simple interface contains only one function or method known as callback function.

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