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Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance: Italy, France, and England

Encyclopedia of girls within the Renaissance: Italy, France, and England is the 1st first entire reference committed solely to the contributions of ladies to eu tradition within the interval among 1350 and 1700. Focusing largely on early glossy ladies in England, France, and Italy, it bargains over one hundred thirty five biographies of the extreme ladies of these instances.

Prediction and Perception of Natural Hazards: Proceedings Symposium, 22–26 October 1990, Perugia, Italy

This number of articles offers a different assessment of the country of the technology within the prediction of and reaction to common catastrophe occasions. the individuality of this quantity is that it contains greater than simply the actual technology standpoint. for every traditional threat incorporated during this textual content, social scientists have supplied study summaries of ways public perceptions are relating to the activities which are prone to be undertaken while individuals are faced with information regarding the life of a ordinary chance danger.

The Art of Executing Well: Rituals of Execution in Renaissance Italy

In Renaissance Italy an exceptional execution used to be either public and peaceable at the very least within the eyes of specialists. In a function distinctive to Italy, the folk who ready a condemned human being spiritually and psychologically for execution weren't monks or friars, yet laymen. This quantity comprises the various songs, tales, poems, and pictures that they used, including first-person debts and ballads describing specific executions.

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In his youth Shelley had composed two nugatory Gothic romances, Zastroai (1810), which took the cloak and dagger image of Venice from Charlotte Dacre's Zojloya, or The Moor (1806), and St /rvyne (181 I ). I n The Cenci he combines the trappings of the Gothic novel, particularly in the evocation of the Castle of Petrella, with his observation of I tali an life and his deep psychological insight, to produce a more exciting Italian atmosphere than any of the novelists had managed to achieve in prose.

LV. q8) But Byron goes more deeply into the problem. Wordsworth's 'self- 34 Italy and English Literature 1764-1930 sufficing power of solitude'lO is a very selective kind of solitude, that of the man - indeed, perhaps, of the Englishman - voluntarily alone with Nature. He does not concern himself with the other kind of solitude, the involuntary feeling ofloneliness of one man in the midst of others, which was to be so important a feature of the growth of urban society. Byron, however, does know the feeling when solitude is not a blessing but an affliction, when he is alone ..

The orphan of the heartthe Romantic, finding himself alone in a world where there are no values left to rely on - will feel at home in a city where he has constant reminders of such sadness. Byron has here created the most powerful modern literary image of Rome, more immediately accessible and strikingly vivid than that of Gibbon, from which it partly derives, and completely different from that of the Grand Tour. Before going to Italy, Byron had already worked out the character of the suffering Romantic hero, in the magnificently narrated early tales, with very Faustian overtones in Manfred, and in the earlier Cantos of Childe Harold.

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